It's TIME to make fossil fuels

    a thing of the past.




    We're building a global army of brand ambassadors

    to help us fight for a safer planet, by INFLUENCING people and

    companies worldwide to boycott fossil fuels and their byproducts,

    in favour of SUSTAINABLE alternatives.


    We need sharp and 'smart' people who are

    business minded and tech savvy, but even if that's not how

    you see yourself, as long as you can post a message on social media,

    send an email, or fire off an SMS (text) message

    @ the speed of light, you're qualified!






  • What is STREET SM@RTZ™?

    We're glad you asked. STREET SM@RTZ™ is a Global Referral and Recruitment Campaign by SM@RT INC, focused on:
    (a), recruiting individuals as crypto-compensated ambassadors to promote SM@RT's mandate at events internationally
    (b), facilitating Economic Transformation for the world's everyday citizens through mass adoption of a unique loyalty/rewards currency
    (c), driving Sustainability Transformation for the future of our planet Earth, by rewarding pro-sustainability actions (Sm@rtActions™)
    As a campaign participant, you will undertake a
    Sustainability Awareness & Action Influencing Mission
    for SM@RT INC, which is essentially a "street smarts field test" to prove your people skills and personal influence, in order to qualify for the freelance role of official
    SM@RT International Ambassador (SIA).

    . . . . . . . . .



    should you choose to accept it:


    Identify and personally influence (refer) 500 "smart" people to join this campaign as participants, each of whom will be competing with you and thousands of other people worldwide, vying to obtain one of 21 "SIA Operative (Agent)" positions being granted as a "Special Performance Reward" in December 2019. You must also seek to influence (refer) as many sales of SM@RT BARBADOS™ Digital Vouchers as possible, in support of the economic recovery of the Caribbean island of Barbados. Each year we will appoint 21 new "SIA Operatives (Agents). Will you be one of the first?

    . . . . . . . . .

    There are many important events held annually, that are excellent opportunities to build wider awareness of the need for accelerated sustainability transformation to combat the negative impacts of climate change, as well as build wider awareness of SM@RT's compelling approach of using cryptocurrency to reward individuals, businesses, organizations and even municipalities, for doing the right thing in making pro-sustainability purchase choices instead of anti-sustainability purchase decisions (eg. buy electric vehicles, not gas and diesel vehicles).
    SM@RT's core team cannot participate in so many events and still manage the company's day to day operations, so it is seeking to recruit a number of individuals worldwide as brand ambassadors, who will represent SM@RT at the most relevant international events on sustainability and impact investment, starting in 2020. Attendance, travel, accommodation, ground transportation and meal costs will all be met by SM@RT and the ambassadors will be economically compensated for their time, via the company's SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency. The video below depicts an example of one type of event, which is an ideal forum for SM@RT to build awareness and influence the spending choices of those with significant FIAT wealth globally.

    SM@RT CEO Robin Belle participating in a Family Office Investment Summit event in Monaco, sharing the company's Blockchain and Cryptocurrency based approach to sustainable economic development and impact investment, with various Family Office fund managers and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs).

    If this kind of international brand ambassador engagement is something you can see yourself doing, we don't want your resume and we don't need you to give us letters of recommendation from anyone - what we want is to see you prove that you are someone with "strong social capital" and who is very good at influencing people to take definitive actions promptly, based on your advice, recommendation, or direct personal request.
    If you think you've got what it takes to excel at this, then what are you waiting for? Sign up for the STREET SM@RTZ™ Referral Campaign today and show us what you can do. You've got to be able to influence people to sign up for this referral campaign (not difficult since we do a great job here of selling the benefits of signing up), and you've got to be able to influence enough people to financially support a sustainable economic development project for an island nation, by purchasing one or more $10 digital vouchers (more of a challenge), but, "you got this, right?"
  • Incentivizing Transformation

    Economic Transformation and Sustainability Transformation

    Regrettably, for centuries mankind has placed the accumulation of wealth above the proper stewardship of earth's natural resources. This has resulted in two negatives - a world economic system where 1% of the world's population controls more than 50% of the world's wealth; and a rapidly deteriorating natural environment plagued by extreme weather conditions that claim thousands of lives and cripple local economies overnight.


    It's a mess really. But the key thing to know is that in totality, this is an ECONOMIC problem, and the current world economic system of currency distribution and access, will maintain the vastly inequitable status quo and allow the wealthy corporations to continue irresponsibly exploiting the planet's resources for financial gain.


    The only way to counteract this UN-Sustainable "economic, environmental and social death spiral", is to


    a) Drive mass global awareness of the need for "Sustainability Transformation"

    b) Powerfully incentive people/organizations to embrace sustainability at global scale


    The cold hard fact is that the most powerful incentive possible, is access to economic transformation on a personal or organisational level. It's about dramatically transforming people's spending power in the global marketplace. The only way to do that, is to introduce and drive mass adoption of a new universal currency that is designed for mass adoption from both a human psychology and technical structuring standpoint. It is by no means a coincidence that "human psychology is listed first, as no amount of technical finesse is going to matter if you get the human psychology bit wrong - it is critical to achieving true mass adoption of a cryptocurrency.

    We've created such a new currency called "SM@RTZ™", and we're using it to incentive people and organizations to rapidly spread awareness of the urgent need for sustainability transformation on one hand, and on the other hand, to build a global movement of economic transformation, a people-led adoption of a new economic means of wealth storage and exchange, that is much more equitably distributed than the current FIAT currencies that make up the legacy world economic system.


    Complaining about the legacy economic system and its inequity accomplishes nothing. You have to take action to bring about change and you have to do it collectively. While SM@RTZ™ does not have extensive utility in terms of what you can redeem/spend it for right at the start, we believe it won't take more than a couple of years, to provide the world's economically marginalised citizens with powerful utility in SM@RTZ™ Loyalty/Rewards cryptocurrency.


    In the meantime, they would be very wise to start accumulating SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency at every opportunity, by making the right purchase choices from now onward - pro-sustainability purchase choices.

    Earn up to 100% SM@RTZ™ CryptoCashBack™ Rewards, when you choose to buy an electric vehicle. Purchasing an electric vehicle is a Sm@rtAction™ (pro-sustainability action) which SM@RT will begin rewarding global consumers for starting in 2020. You might want to delay your electric vehicle purchase until then; just saying 😎


    The Universal Sustainability Cryptocurrency


    Unlike scarce cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin which has a total supply of just 21Million units, resulting in ridiculously high unit prices that have no basis in its utility, SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency has a large but finite total supply of

    21,000,000,000,000 Units.

    Can you imagine

    what would happen if


    here on planet earth,

    decided to never again spend FIAT money purchasing a gasoline or diesel vehicle, lawn mower, generator, scooter or motorcycle?


    How would such an economic boycott impact the massive corporations that want to keep taking fossil fuels out of the ground and oceans despite the major damage it causes, because of their insatiable greed to make more and more money?


    cryptocurrency was

    created to economically reward the world's EVERYDAY CITIZENS

    for doing just that; boycotting the fossil fuel powered products and purchasing various electric powered alternatives instead; as well as non-motorized products that are sustainably produced with low impact materials.

  • The Campaign Timeline

    Understand how the campaign runs, when it ends, when and how earned referral rewards will be issued and when the SM@RT International Brand Ambassadors will be selected and publicly announced.

    2019 - JUN 01: 🏆 Referral Campaign Starts

    Open to every English-speaking person around the world.

    Your Mission: Work through seven referral milestones (levels) to become an Ambassador level campaign participant with the highest participant referrals, highest referral rewards earnings and the highest total FIAT dollar value of referred voucher sales.

    NB. Earned referral rewards are distributed as a "credit" on a digital voucher. The actual SM@RTZ™ Cryptocurrency Tokens will only be transferred to participants IF they (a), request to take custody of the tokens (b), qualify to take custody of the tokens and (c), have an ERC-20-Compatible crypto wallet to receive the tokens into.

    2019 - DEC 21: 🏆 Referral Campaign Round 1 Ends

    No more signups possible. Redemption of earned SM@RTZ™ continues as normal. Redeeming earned SM@RTZ™ does not have any negative impact on your total SM@RTZ™ earned figure used for determining who is entitled to the special performance rewards.

    2019 - DEC 22: 🏆 Referral Campaign Candidate Data Collated & Evaluation Starts

    Only campaign participants that reached "Ambassador" milestone level are eligible for the 2020 SM@RT Ambassador Appointments to be selected. Candidates must not have a criminal record or be posters/sharers of lewd/foul/racist content on social media. We screen every short-listed Candidate for fraudulent activity in their referral process and other rule violations.

    2019 - DEC 30: 🏆 Ambassador Appointees Selected

    Our objective is to have Ambassadors from six continents plus the Caribbean. Ambassadors, somewhat like "intelligence agents", will be activated from time to time for specific event or business representation "missions" on behalf of SM@RT.

    2020 - JAN 01: 🏆 SM@RT International Ambassador Appointees Announced

    The 21 selected Ambassadors will be featured on this referral campaign website and on other SM@RT online channels.

    Got a Quick Question?

    Well go right ahead, let's hear it!

  • About SM@RT

    The company behind the STREET SM@RTZ™ Campaign


    For Companies, Charities, Colleges, Cities, Countries



    Blockchain + Sustainability Strategy Development


    Crypto Loyalty/Reward Program Development


    Crypto Economic Initiative Development


    Crypto Website/E-Commerce Development


    Crypto Mobile Application Development


    Viral Referral Campaign Design & Development


    High Engagement Messenger Bot Development


    Digital Gift Voucher Program Development


    Digital Document Design & Development


    Non-Dilutive Crypto Business Funding



    SM@RT is a Blockchain/Sustainability-focused, STRATEGIC BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY corporation founded in 2016 by social entrepreneur Robin P. Belle, with a corporate mission and mandate of "Financing and Accelerating the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals".


    The company now also operates a digital marketing agency division, which unlike traditional digital agencies, is very focused on the use of Blockchain technology and Sustainability management, in the strategic development and execution of its various commercial services offerings.


    SM@RT has created an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain as a universal loyalty/rewards cryptocurrency, which is embedded into the DNA of every product or service it creates for itself or for its clients. This cryptocurrency called SM@RTZ™ is designed to become the world's first universally adopted cryptocurrency, where the typical citizen with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can easily acquire and use SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency:

    • WITHOUT the need to have FIAT money to buy it
    • WITHOUT the need to have a compatible crypto wallet
    • WITHOUT the need to understand how cryptocurrency works
    • WITHOUT the need to take custody of the cryptocurrency to get started


    This dramatically reduces the friction and psychological barriers to entry for the average non-tech-savvy person or organization to get involved with cryptocurrency.

    Being able to easily acquire cryptocurrency before you understand it, makes people willing to explore it; the more they earn, the more they want to understand its value; the more they learn, the more they want to earn, eventually being transformed into savvy everyday earners and users of cryptocurrency.


    The SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency is strategically and exclusively used to incentivize both individuals and organizations worldwide, to aggressively and permanently embrace SUSTAINABILITY TRANSFORMATION in alignment with the UN SDGs. This is achieved by rewarding individuals and organizations with the cryptocurrency, for Sm@rtActions™ and Sm@rtOutputs™ which foster sustainability.


    Sm@rtActions™ Include:

    Any pro-sustainability action that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, such as choosing to buy an electric vehicle instead of another gasoline powered car, van or truck.


    Sm@rtOutputs™ Include:

    Any pro-sustainability productivity output by employees in a business, charity or a government, which increases efficiency and quality of the value output, resulting in a more sustainable operation, thereby sustaining employment and the opportunity for attaining a better quality of life, while reducing financial marginalization, poverty and gender inequality, among other SDGs.


    The great thing is that while the SM@RTZ™ cryptocurrency is used as a tool to help greatly accelerate sustainability transformation, a greener more sustainable natural environment, it also powerfully facilitates ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION for those persons who's personal economic growth is constrained to varying degrees by the inequitable elements of the legacy world economic system.


    99% of the world's citizens fall into that "constrained" bracket, as 1% of the world's citizens now control more than 50% of the world's FIAT financial wealth.


    CONTACT: Admin@SMART-DAC.com